Maripepa Contreras – hobo

Maripepa is one of the few jazz oboists in the world active in both the classical and the jazz world. She comes from Spain where she followed her classical education. Maripepa then played in various orchestras and won several prizes. In 2015 she moved to Amsterdam to do the jazz bachelor at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. She has recorded with Ernesto Aurignac Orchestra, Magda Mendes, Javier Ojeda, Matthias Van den Brande, Lionel Ziblat, and more. She has performed with orchestras such as: The Promenade Orchestra, National Symphonic Chamber Orchestra, The Royal Military Chapel ‘Johan Willem Friso’, Orquesta de Córdoba, Orquesta Sinfónica Provincial de Málaga, Academy of Metropole Orchestra, National Youth Orchestra, Orquesta Ciudad de Almería, etc.

Currently she teaches oboe jazz at the Conservatory of Amsterdam