Gift an Instrument

Do you have an instrument which you would like preserved, restored and even played by some of the top artists in their field? Have you considered gifting? If so, we would love to hear from you! Instrument donors will receive lifetime members to our friends of Geelvinck club

Instruments wanted!

The Sweelinck Collection focuses on historical keyboard instruments, such as all pianos from table pianos and early pianofortes to grand pianos from the interwar period. Also (copies) of harpsichords, historical harmoniums and cabinet organs are part of the collection.

The statutory purpose of the collection is to be played and thus to preserve this heritage for future generations. This concerns vocational training for musicians, the opportunity for professional musicians to gain experience on small stages and the stimulation of talent development and innovation, as well as research into music history, the development of the piano and the maintenance of traditional knowledge transfer in the preservation, restoration and (copy) construction of these instruments.

By relocating the pianos managed by the museum in historic houses, castles, country estates and other small stages, we create a network for the professional musicians and a growing audience can be reached.

We regularly receive requests for instruments from conservatory students. Unfortunately, we have a shortage.

If you have one of the following instruments and have considered gifting, please do get in touch!

  • grands, historical and later date (20th century)
  • fortepianos, both historical and copies
  • square pianos
  • upright pianos, historical only (before 1900)
  • harpsichords, both historical and copies
  • clavichords, both historical and copies
  • spinets, both historical and copies
  • harmoniums, exclusively historical (before 1900)
  • cabinet organs
  • Other historical instruments, such as harp, cymbal, pianola, etc.

The museum is a ‘cultural ANBI‘ and you can therefore use the so-called turbo deduction for corporate income tax on the basis of the Geefwet (gifting).

If you would like to leave an instrument to our museum, we welcome that.

Give your old instrument a new lease of life!

If you have another instrument that you no longer use, give it to the Leerorkest instrument depot!