Simon Mulder – poet, performance artist

Simon Mulder (poet, performance artist, poetry and music events)

Simon Mulder (1986) lives in Amsterdam and studied comparative historical linguistics in Leiden followed by philosophy and classical languages ​​in Amsterdam. He currently teaches Greek and Latin in high school and is doing his PhD in historical linguistics. He writes poems, often using the fixed form (rhyme and meter). In both poems and recitation he strives for unity of form and content. In addition, he focuses on classical performance art and recites from his own work, but also brings classics from literary history back to life on stage. He has appeared twice at the Dutch Poetry Slam Championship. In addition to the Netherlands, he has performed in Belgium, England, France, Portugal, Russia and Japan.

He is also founder of Stichting Feest der Poetzie, with which he organises poetry and music events in special places, from a three-day festival about the poets of 1880 to evenings with music, poetry and theater around contemporary poets, but also about Fernando Pessoa, Oscar Wilde, Louis Couperus, the Muiderkring and others.
He also edited Avantgaerde, a printed and bound poetry magazine, and is co-developer and editor of Muze Poetry, a free app that sends the user a recited poem every week and poems routes through Dutch cities. At theater festival De Parade he played in a performance around the first moving panorama in more than a century. He is also an editorial member of the literary magazine Armada and van Arabesken, magazine of the Louis Couperus Genootschap.