3 Wim Statius Muller & the Melodies of Curacao

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Wim Statius Muller & the Melodies of Curacao “In this episode of BTHVN = Black, Alexander Kraft van Ermel takes us on a journey to the Dutch Antilles with the colorful melodies of his grandfather, the composer and pianist, Wim Statius Muller. Otherwise known as the ‘Chopin of the Antilles’, the music of Wim Statius Muller offers the listener an insight into the rich heritage of Curaçao, a beautiful island in the Caribbean. The joyful music seeks to invite the listener to dance and celebrate life despite the trials of a society corrupted by slavery. Kraft van Ermel, both a pianist and a philosopher, shares stories of these pieces alongside the wonderful melodies of his grandfather and earlier Curaçao composers of color. The episode also includes a fascinating interview with Alexander by Gerda Havertong. This episode starts with an introduction to Chopin within the context of BTHVN = Black by Museum Geelvinck’s director, Jurn Buisman

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