5 Beethoven’s Egmont – Ode to Freedom

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BTHVN = black videopodcastserie

In this episode of BTHVN = Black, the tragic tale of the freedom fighter Count Egmont, as musically composed by Beethoven, is no better told than by these fantastic artists: Tobias Borsboom and Yukiko Hasegawa on the piano, soprano Meneka Senn and storyteller Simon Mulder. In this concert they bring Egmont’s fight and self-sacrifice against Napoleon to life through song, storytelling and early piano to convey the full emotion of this tale. The episode will also include a fascinating interview with the artists and Gerda Havertong. An introduction to the link between BTHVN = Black and our musical heritage will be made by Museum Geelvinck Director, Dr. Jurn Buisman.

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