7 Beethoven’s ‘Kreutzer’ Sonata mulattica

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In this episode of BTHVN = Black, we will hear the ‘Kreutzer’ Sonata. It was originally written for George Bridgetower, the afro-polish violinist who impressed Beethoven, and named the Sonata mulattica. However, after a quarrel with Beethoven it was instead dedicated to Rudolphe Kreutzer who famously hated the piece! Tolstoy also wrote a novela about the sonata, which has made a name in film history to date. Today this notoriously technical piece will be played by Shuann Chai on piano and Shunske Sato on violin, who will show off this truly Beethovian spectacle! The episode will include a fascinating interview with the artists and Gerda Havertong. There will also be a special interview conducted by Gerda Havertong with Museum Geelvinck Director, Dr. Jurn Buisman, about the connection between the Geelvinck Early Piano Collection and the BTHVN = Black story.

coming soon
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