2. Beethoven does Double Bass

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Olga Pashchenko - (forte)piano James Oesi - Contrabas
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In this episode of ‘BTHVN = Black’, South African double-bassist James Oesi, and Russian fortepianist Olga Pashchenko will bring a new depth and dynamic to Beethoven’s cello sonata Op.69 No 3 in A major, through the fascinating combination of double bass and early piano. After the concert Gerda Havertong interviews James and Olga: an eye-opener as they share and compare their experiences in becoming professional musicians. Jurn Buisman, director of Museum Geelvinck, opens this episode with an introduction, in which he sheds light on Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912), composer of colour, who held the theory that Beethoven could have had African roots.



Olga Pashchenko - (forte)piano

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James Oesi - Contrabas

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