Akerendam Estate

Akerendam Estate: Velserweg 20, 1942 LD Beverwijk

Akerendam was one of the many country estates that were founded by wealthy Amsterdammers in the 17th and 18th centuries on the Amstel, the Vecht and in Kennemerland. It was built between 1636 and 1639 by merchant and shipbuilder Jan Bicker, a descendant of a very influential Amsterdam family. In addition to Akerendam, he also owned the Duynwijck country estate in Beverwijk and he had a country house in Baarn. He had his shipyard and warehouses on the Bickerseiland in Amsterdam. He bought the island in 1631 and had a huge house with a high tower built there so that he could watch his ships coming.
Due to its location on the Wijckermeer, Akerendam was easily accessible by boat from Amsterdam. This accessibility made the banks of the Wijckermeer attractive as a location for country estates.

Public transport
Akerendam is located directly opposite Beverwijk Station (less than a five-minute walk)
From Amsterdam only 30 km. You can park at Stationsplein / Halvemaan and behind Cinema Cineworld.