Geelvinck Music Museum, Zutphen

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Muziek Museum Zutphen

Geelvinck Music Museum, Zutphen: Zaadmarkt 88, 7201 DE Zutphen

Opened on the 30th June 2017, the Geelvinck Music Museum in Zutphen was a continuation of the old Geelvinck Hinlopen House Museum in Amsterdam. When it was on the Herengracht in Amsterdam, the 18th-century period rooms were the main attraction and the historic pianos from the Sweelinck Collection added a musical flourish. In Zutphen we had turned that around: the emphasis in the Music Museum was on the instruments, and the two period rooms provided an atmosphere for this unique collection of historic pianos.

It was no sheer coincidence that the Music Museum found a home in Zutphen and that we had a permanent exhibition about Beethoven. In this former Hanseatic League town, the legend has been circulating since the beginning of the 19th Century that Beethoven was born here in Zutphen, and not in Bonn. The Museum also took a look at this myth.

The Geelvinck Music Museum was forced to close its doors for the public on November 4th 2019. Already hindered by the unwilling attitude of the current Municipal Executive, Museum Geelvinck was been unable to reach agreement on the initially intended continuation of its Music Museum in Zutphen. 

However, our virtual museum is still open and ready for your visit!