Meet the Team

Museum Geelvinck Team

Dr. Jurn Buisman – Director at Museum Geelvinck

I have been professionally active in the cultural heritage sector since the late eighties. Having been raised in an artistic and industrialist home, after studying economics and information sciences, I established Museum Geelvinck in a canal mansion in Amsterdam in 1991. From an applied art-orientated museum, I evolved it – together with my wife, Dunya Verwey – into a space for stories related to the history of its past inhabitants: from historic gardens to slavery, from porcelains to slow-food. We also organised exhibitions abroad, at the UN, in Russia, Taiwan and more. Since 2004, we started to focus on early keyboard instruments and today look after the largest Dutch collection of early pianos. I continue to oversee the creative and research side of the Museum as well as the management of its collection.

I was a member of the World Economic Forum and have developed heritage conservation and cultural dialogue efforts for the UN. Today, I am secretary general for ICOMOS Netherlands, vice-president Europe ISCCL, active for ISC Water & Heritage and WGClimate Change, as well as CIMCIM, ICLCM, Dem Hist, Europa Nostra, REMA, InterpretEurope, Slow Food and more

Dunya Verwey – Concert Programming & Newsletter

Zack Schaap – Collections Manager

I am from California and am working in the Netherlands for the moment. I studied archaeology and museum studies at Durham University in the UK. I am responsible for inventorizing and cataloguing the collection of pianos as well as non-musical objects within the collection. I enjoy the job as it allows me to apply what I have learned at university. As a hobby I am interested in numismatics, especially coins from Great Britain.

Gijs Wilderom – Conservator-restaurator collection early pianos

Ksenia Kiselova – PR & Communications

My name is Ksenia Kiselova, and I have lived in Amsterdam since 2018. I am a Research Master’s student at the University of Amsterdam. I specialise in Heritage, Memory and Archaeology. My interest in heritage and my past professional experiences have brought me to Museum Geelvinck, where I am working as the PR and Communications Intern. I am pleased to be a part of the Museum’s team as I find its mission of bringing people closer to the history and heritage of sound very crucial. Through assisting Museum Geelvinck with communications and its online presence, I want to make sure that the Museum’s great work of memory preservation is widely recognised and appreciated.

Axel Wenstedt – Event Programmer

Axel Wenstedt (Gemonde, near Den Bosch) has been playing harpsichord, organ and fortepiano since 1971 (following piano lessons with organist-harpsichordist Gerard Dekker). He has followed courses in chamber music, song accompaniment and baroque music. During his working life as a general practitioner, but especially afterwards, he played many hundreds of concerts as a continuo player with various amateur orchestras and choirs, baroque chamber music with (semi) professional musicians, and organ concerts in the Netherlands, Germany (including Eisenach), Belgium, baroque organs in France, and in Vienna, Sion Zw and Sweden. For 9 years, he was the organiser of the weekly coffee concerts at Heeswijk Castle, the Museum of Religious Art Uden, and (organ) concerts elsewhere. he is a board member and programmer for “Culture aan de Dommel” in Geldrop.

Michel Agterberg – Filmmaker & Video Producer

Michel Agterberg is an independent filmmaker and video producer. He makes video productions for companies and cultural institutions. After completing his music registration training at The Hague Conservatory, he worked for various audiovisual companies, where he made radio and TV commercials and corporate films. In 2012 he started his own business: Michel Agterberg Video Productions. His strength is making film with a strong story in which the atmosphere supports the content.

Geelvinck Early Piano Festival Team

Artistic director dr. Michael Tsalka

Business leader dr. Jurn A.W. Buisman

Patron Richard Egarr

Jury chairman of the Geelvinck Competition Marcel Baudet

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Maud Arkesteijn – van Willigen

Organising bodies
– Museum Geelvinck, Heerde
– Research & Management for the Arts (rmArts), Amsterdam

Video production Michel Agterberg Video Productions, Zutphen

Concert programming and newsletter Dunya Verwey

Communication and social media Annelies Rhebergen & Hannah Buisman