17 November 2021: Webinar ‘November-December 1813’

Shipbridge over the IJssel River, painted by Berend Westenberg, Veessen 1813

Webinar ‘November-December 1813‘ on 17 November 2021

On Wednesday afternoon November 17th 2021 an international – English-language – webinar for the experts in the field, will be organised by Museum Geelvinck and the Historical Association of Wijhe, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan (Russian Federation). The webinar will serve as the kick-off for the preparations for the international scientific conference on the topic of the impact of the Dutch campaign of Beckendorff and the role of the Russian 1st Bashkir Regiment, which is envisioned for Autumn 2023

The aim of the meeting is to put together an inventory of the knowledge clusters, formulating the various open questions and defining the starting points for further preparatory research by the working groups. The inventory of the various expertise clusters will also make the knowledge gaps visible. The boundaries of the field of research is defined by formulating the questions for the conference.

Bashkir horseman and windmill, Veessen at the IJssel River with high waters 2021

The program is split in two thematic parts:

I. The role of the 1e Bashkir Regiment in the Dutch Campaign

II. The Dutch Campaign under command of Gen. A. Benckendorff and its impact on the renaissance of the Dutch Orange nation-state – alternative national perspectives

The second part includes a discussion panel, which can also be participated in via chat. Finally, the conclusions are formulated in a summing-up plenary session.

Participants, who are interested in giving a short (max. 10 minutes) thematic presentation, are asked to send a request to the organisers not later than 10 November. We kindly request to digitally recorded the presentation in advance.

It is intended that this online meeting will be opened with a welcome speech by the mayor of Wijhe, Ton Strien, and a message from the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The webinar will be digitally recorded.

Online Working Groups

It is the intention to form several working groups to further prepare for the conference planned for Autumn 2022.

The working groups can meet online in the following months. These are preparing the actual conference, which, if all goes according to plan, will take place in the fall of 2022. 

International Scientific Conference in 2023

The conference will take a hybrid form and can also be followed online by interested parties. It is the intention, that the papers presented by the speakers will eventually be published. In addition, it is intended to develop a glossary and a bibliography.

It is intended, that the conference will coincide with the propsed visit of the Head of the Autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan to the Netherlands, on which occasion the Bashkir monuments in Veessen and Wijhe will be officially dedicated. 


Date: Wednesday 17th November 2021
Start: 11h00 UTC
12h00 CET (Paris) / 14h00 Moscow Time / 16h00 Ufa Time
Language: English
Program: please click here

More information:

For more information and joining the webinar, please contact Jurn Buisman (director Museum Geelvinck):
– buisman@geelvinck.nl
– phone +31.578695670 or +31.20-6390747
– cell phone (Mrs. Dunya Verwey): +31.654794606

Please note: the webinar is intended as an expert meeting.
Instead, the international scientific conference will be also open for non-expert participation, who can attend as observers.

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