November-December 1813: The Dutch Campaign under command of Gen. Alexander Benckendorff

Gepubliceerd op: 20 October 2021

Views on the liberation of todays Netherlands in an international perspective

An international scientific conference with the aim of comparing the various national perspectives in order to shed new light on this existential event for the Netherlands of today; with special attention to the role of the 1st Bashkir Regiment, which operated from its bivouac in Wijhe for about a month from mid-November 1813 onwards.

The background of the conference is the recent realization of a monument in memory of the ship bridge over the River IJssel, which was constructed by the 1st Bashkir Regiment on orders by Gen. Alexander von Benckendorff. The monument, which consists of works of art on both sides of the River IJssel, is designed by the Dutch-Russian sculptor Alexander Taratynov. It encompasses his sculpture visualizing a Bashkir horseman at the river port of Veessen and a work of art, including his sculptured impression of Benckendorff, at the location of the bivouac in Wijhe.

The activity schedule for the realization of the conference provides for:

Webinar “November-December 1813”: November 17th, 2021

– Working group meetings (online): February, April and June 2022

– Conference: planned in Autumn 2022 (hybrid format)

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The effort is organised by Museum Geelvinck together with the Historical Association Wijhe (Netherlands) in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the Autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan (Russian Federation).

Partners: museums and knowledge institutions in the Russian Federation, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Estonia and other countries.