Anna Mikhailova


Anna Mikhailova was born in Moscow, Russia. At the age of 6 she started her musical education. In 1996, at the age of 12, she held her first concert as a composer, when she introduced her chamber, vocal and piano music. She graduated from the Special Central Tchaikovsky Musical School in 2001. In 2007 she graduated from the Moscow Conservatory as a composer in the class of professor Tikhon Khrennikov, as an organist in the class of professor L. Shishkhanova, and as koto player. She is postgraduate student in the Moscow Conservatory in the class of Vladimir Tarnopolsky. In June 2008, she attended Columbia College’s graduate music program in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Anna Mikhailova participated in a masterclass of Gie Rabell, Tristan Murail, M. Padding, H. Troumer, J. Shpor, V. Zikh, V. Vidlock, J. Joseff, J. Aplton, J. Jeroudon, F. Paris, Andy Hill, I. Levinson, Blake Neely, Hikaru Savai, Tominary Seijo, Paul Broucek, Keiko Ivahory.

She has participated in several festivals: Moscow Autumn (1997, 2008), Japan Soul (2004, 2005, 2006), Universal of Sound (2005, 2006, 2007), Mozart Today (2006), project “Open Scene”(2008).


Orchestra music

  • “Relictus Luminis” for organ and flutes orchestra (2006)[2]
  • “The Melody of Personality” for voice and orchestra by R. Kipling poetry (2007)
  • “SOLO” for flute & orchestra (2007)

Chamber ensembles

  • Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano (1996)
  • “Cygnet, Crayfish and Pike” after Ivan Krilov poetry musical fable for a voice, flute, oboe and bassoon (1996)
  • Fantastic Scherzo for flute, oboe and bassoon (1997)
  • “Reed song at the bridge” after Alex Block poetry for voice and flute (1997)
  • Trio for violin, bassoon and piano (1998)
  • Suite for cello and piano (1999)
  • “How is the Singing Born” nine songs on Japanese poetry for voice and viola (2002)
  • Trio for flute, basso and piano (2003)
  • String quartet (2003)
  • Flute quartet (2004)
  • “Aramse” piece for marimba and two chine’s tom-toms (2004)
  • “Shyumbun-no hi” for two Koto (Japan zither) (2005)
  • “Metamorphosis” Quartet for drums (2005)
  • “During the D” Music for 2 violins (2006)
  • Metamorphoses for flute and cembalo (2006)
  • Metamorphoses for 12 players (2006)
  • Time of NDEMBU for cello & piano (2006)[3]
  • “To bow to shadow” for flute & piano (2007)
  • Music Inside for 2 organs (2008)
  • Metamorphoses P.S. for 7 players (2008)


  • “In other lands” for female choir and soprano solo, text by Larisa Vasileva (1997)
  • “Adell”, cantata for mixed choir, soprano and violin after Alex Pushkin poetry (1998)
  • “The Sounds of the Sun” after Konstantin Balmont poetry three poems for mixed choir a Capella (2000)
  • “Fortune-teller” for a mixed choir a cappella after folk text (2004)
  • Songs for voice and piano
  • Five songs on Russian Poetry for soprano (1995)
  • “Cuckoo and Cock” Fable after Ivan Krilov poetry for voice (1996)
  • “Patriarshie prudi” for voice and piano by Sterkin poetry (1997)
  • Three song for soprano and piano by M.Zvetaeva poetry (1997)
  • “At the Salon of Zinaida Volkonskaya” on Russian poetry Vocal-poetry cycle for soprano and recital (1998)
  • Song on Evgeny Baratinsky poetry (2000)
  • Song on Y. Kim poetry (2000)
  • Four Songs after Nikolay Gumilev poetry for baritone (2001)

Solo instruments or voice

  • Campane for piano (1994)
  • Piece for flute (1996)
  • “The Fairy’s Tale” on Konstantin Balmont poetry diptyches for soprano (1996)
  • “The First Lily of the Valley” on Afanasy FET for voice (1996)
  • “The April Frost” for voice (1996)
  • “Koneok-Gorbunok” musical tale for piano and recital in 7 part (1996)
  • “Universal” cycle miniature for piano (1996)
  • Dancing suite for piano (1996)
  • Two piece for recital and piano (1996)
  • Toccata for piano (1997)
  • Prelude for piano (1997)
  • The Concert Variation on folk theme for piano (2000)
  • Sonata for piano (2001)
  • Partita for organ in 8 parts (2005)
  • NDEMBUMARIMBA for marimba (2007)
  • Music Inside for electro bass (2008)
  • 10 melody for koto (Japan zither) (2008)

Other Projects

  • Two acousmatic Studies (electroacoustic )(2004)
  • “Bernarda Alba House” Ballet by Garcia Lorca (2005)
  • Music for animation (2005)
  • Music for film “The DOG” (2006)
  • Music for performance “Temnovishnevy sad” by A.P.Chehov (2007-2008)
  • Music for film “The days of Joy” (2008)
  • Musical “Three groschen’s opera” by B.Breht (2008)



  • Second prize in the international competition “Classical Legacy” (“Cuckoo and Cock” Fable on the poetry by Ivan Krilov for Voice, Two piece for recital and piano)
  • Prize Winner of the Third Moscow Young Composers Competition (Toccata for Piano)
  • First prize in the international musical competition “Alexander Pushkin, His Contemporaries and Music” (“Adell”, cantata for mixed choir, soprano and violin on the Alexander Pushkin poetry)
  • Winner of the “Third Contest Artiada” (“Universal” cycle miniature for piano)


  • Special prize in the Crystal Tuning-fork, the 1-st Contest for young Composers
  • Second prize in the 5th Esenin Competition for Young Russian Composers “Ryabinovie Grezy” (Vocal cycle for soprano and recital on Russian poetry)


  • Prize Winner in the 2nd Improvisation Contest for young composers, Moscow.


  • Second prize in the Composer’s Contest for Vocal Music (Three Songs on Nikolay Gumilev poetry for baritone)


  • Winner of the 3rd Contest for Young Composers (instrumental music) (The Concert Variation on folk theme for piano)


  • Winner of the IVth International Contest for Young Composers “Crystal Tuning-fork” (“How is the Singing Born”, nine songs on Japanese poetry for voice and viola)


  • Winner of Moscow Conservatory Composers Competition (String quartet)


  • Winner of Moscow Conservatory Composers Competition member of D.D.Shcostakovich (duet for 2 Violin)
  • Second Prize of 4 Composers Competition L’OFF (Orchestra de Flutes Frances), Paris, France
  • Prize Yoshihishi Taira(prize of public in 4 Competition Composers L’OFF (“Relictus Luminis” for organ and flutes orchestra) .


  • Winner of Composer Competition “Space of Science” (Sonata for piano)


  • Winner of 8 international vocalist competition by Zara Dolukhanova “Succinct nightingale” (author of better obligatory song for second rook)
  • Golden Medal and title of laureate of First International Competition for Composers In Name of Vladislav Zolotarev, April – June, 2008 New-York, USA

Muziekfestival ‘Amsterdam Virtuosi 2011’

Een nieuwe compositie van Anna Mikhailova krijgt zijn première tijdens het Geelvinck Compositieconcours op zaterdag 25 juni om 20.00 uur.

Winnares 1e Geelvinck Compositieconcours voor tafelpiano (2011) met ‘SHOGI / White Dragon’ voor tafelpiano en koto.