Ensemble La Voz Humana

vlnr: Punto Buwono – baroque guitar, Ana Vasić – baroque violin, Valeria Sanchez – violone, Galit Zadok – recorder & dulcian

Ensemble La Voz Humana is a young early music ensemble, based in the Netherlands and established in 2018  by students and alumni of Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Royal Conservatoire Den Haag. The ensemble is dedicated to the historically informed performance of baroque music from the Iberian and the Italian peninsula and the New World. The main aim of the ensemble is to research, discover, and perform (neglected) Iberian and latin American baroque music from the 17th and early 18th century. This type of music has a very rich cultural background, with influences ranging from European counterpoint and harmony to rhythmic patterns and musical elements inherited from African and South American musical tradition. Ensemble La Voz Humana is also actively rekindling the art of improvisation. Improvisation was a vital element of the performance practice in the 17th and 18th century which gives the music a sense of spontaneity and freshness. La Voz Humana is privileged to receive coaching and guidance from leading experts in Spanish and Latin American baroque music such as Mike Fentross, Emilio Moreno and Adrián Rodriguez van der Spoel (Musica Temprana).

Ana Vasić – Baroque violin
Galit Zadok – Recorder & dulcian
Valeria Sanchez – Violone
Punto Bawono – Baroque guitar

lavozhumana.webstarts.com/ www.facebook.com/La-Voz-Humana-300294974218295 soundcloud.com/user-934141311/la-folia-antonio-martin-y-coll