Haruyo Horie – componiste

Haruyo Horie (Composer)

Ms. Horie began learning about music at the age of 5, studying piano with Taeko Asai. After attending Komaba Metropolitan High School (now known as Tokyo Metropolitan Fine Arts High School), she went on to graduate from the Composition Department at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Horie’s instructors include the late Tomojiro Ikenouchi, Yuzuru Shimaoka and Akira Miyoshi. While a high school student, she worked as a classic ballet lesson pianist, and upon entering university she began as a pianist at the Takarazuka Theater Troupe’s training center where she continued to work for eight years. She has also been a lesson pianist for jazz artist Sanae Mizushima, chanson singer Natsuyo Fukamidori and modern dancer Akiko Kanda. Horie has composed for piano, recorder and harpsichord, as well as for guitar, voice, violin, shinobue and biwa.

Horie’s Katatsumuri Publishing has produced the Letter From Haruyo Horie CD series and published several collections of scores for her works. She performs as a pianist, and aside from composing, works also as a songwriter and essayist.



堀江はるよ HARUYO HORIE(作曲)