Jed Wentz, recitant

Historical Acting, Declamation & Early Music

Jed Wentz has, in the course of a long career in Early Music, turned his hand to various tasks and has engaged with diverse disciplines. He has performed on historical flutes, and conducted staged opera productions. He has done archival research and published in scholarly journals. He has had a light-hearted relationship with journalism: for years, before it became something of a fad, he had a cooking column in a Dutch early music journal dedicated to recreating 18th-century recipes. He has worked intensively with Baroque dancers, and is now researching historical declamation and acting. He is artistic advisor to the Utrecht Early Music Festival, teaches at the Amsterdam Conservatory and has performed with the Newcastle Kingsmen

Jed Wentz en Olga Pashchenko , uitvoering The Raven van Edgar Alan Poe, Geelvinck Muziek Museum Zutphen, aug. 2019