Catskill Mountains: Online Fortepiano Salon: Paul McNulty &Viviana Sofrinitsky, 19 nov. 2022, 20h. 

Gepubliceerd op: 18 november 2022

Voor deze online Fortepiano Salon, gaan we met het Catskill Mountains team van New York naar het plaatsje Divisov, in Tsjechië, waar Paul McNulty sinds 1995 een fortepiano atelier voor de bouw van kopieën van historische piano’s heeft opgebouwd en daarmee een internationale faam heeft verworven. Zijn echtgenote, de Russische pianiste Viviana Sofrinitsky, ook met een internationale carrière, zal een aantal van de instrumenten tot klinken brengen.

Paul McNulty & Viviana Sofrinitsky

Academy of Fortepiano Performance

International Fortepiano Salon #12

An American Fortepiano Builder in the Czech Republic: The Workshop of Paul McNulty and Pianist Viviana Sofronitsky


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Saturday, November 19, @ 2:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm Europe

Today’s Salon takes us to Divisov, just south of the Czech capital of Prague, where fortepiano maker Paul McNulty settled in 1995 following his training in the U.S. and several years of having his own successful workshop in Amsterdam. He is known as the most prolific modern fortepiano builder and his instruments are found all over the world, where they are universally valued and used in performance by artists of the highest stature. He has built copies of at least 12 types of historical pianos, dating from 1750 to 1860. We will visit his workshop and enjoy performances by his wife, Russian pianist Viviana Sofronitsky, on an array of instruments. Viviana, daughter of the Russian piano virtuoso and pedagogue Vladimir Sofronitsky, has a busy career as performer at concerts and festivals as soloist and in chamber music, and she has made many recordings, most recently of music by Chopin and Liszt.

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