UITGESTELD WEGENS COVID: A Horn Story: Natuurhoorn & Fortepiano: Nicolas Roudier & Anders Muskens

27 mrt 2022, 16.45
Luther Museum, Amsterdam
Anders Muskens - (forte)piano Nicolas Roudier - Natural Horn
Horn Story CD cover

Nicolas en Anders dragen dit concert ook op aan de slachtoffers van de oorlog in Oekraine: zie hArtforUkraine

A Horn Story features several pieces of music of different periods and styles from the beginning to the end of the XIXth century, including premieres of rare works. Each of them is played on a different combination of instruments, depicting the evolution of technique and aesthetics in both horn and pianoforte throughout the century : from the natural horn to the piston horn, from the late classical keyboard to the romantic piano. A journey through a scope of styles, sounds and techniques, featuring pianoforte player Anders Muskens.

Horns played by Nicolas Roudier

The horn had an incredibly rich evolution over two centuries, from the hunting field to the concert hall. With differences of size, mechanic, technique, sound aesthetic from a country to another and throughout time, the horn has many faces and playing a piece on the corresponding instrument makes a great difference in interpretation and style. Like an actor switching masks and identities when switching roles, it is such a joy to go from one horn – one soul – to another and experience the difference through music.

The Muskens-Roudier Duo

Nicolas and Anders with the 1845 Roller-Blanchet piano which belonged to the sister of King Louis-Philippe, Adélaïde.

The Muskens-Roudier Duo was created in 2019 by Nicolas Roudier and pianofortist Anders Muskens to bring together exceptional horns and pianofortes from 1800 to 1900, and play late-classical and romantic music with a heartfelt historical approach. The duo is based in The Hague, Netherlands, and gives concerts on an international scale.

A Passion for historical Sounds

Nicolas and Anders share the same ever-growing interest for period instruments and their diversity of sounds, identities, colours and nuances. They joined forces to present an original and multi-faced horn & piano duo that switches instruments and personalities according to the repertoire played.

A Search for Innovation

Anders & Nicolas on an exciting journey, discovering sounds

The duo constantly aims to expand the borders of historically informed performance by bringing forgotten repertoire forward, combining rare instruments and looking for new and original ways to bring early music to the public.

Our first CD is Out!

Our collaboration started out with an exceptional recording, A Horn Story, featuring premieres of rare pieces and no less than 8 original instruments from the beginning to the end of the XIXth century. The CD will take you on a journey through a scope of styles, sounds and techniques.

Price: €15,-
Kind request: pay in cash only; for an impression, listen to the sound bite:


Horn Story CD cover

Luther Museum

Nieuwe Keizersgracht 570
1018 VG Amsterdam
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Horn Story CD cover

Anders Muskens - (forte)piano

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Horn Story CD cover

Nicolas Roudier - Natural Horn

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27 mrt 2022, 16.45
Luther Museum, Amsterdam