23 jan 2022, 16.45
Luther Museum, Amsterdam
Artem Belogurov, fortepiano Menno van Delft - orgel, klavecimbel, clavichord
Miscellanea cover vierk


Stel je voor dat je gevraagd wordt eens door een stapel bladmuziek te kijken uit de collectie van de legendarische pionier van de Vroege Muziek, Christopher Hogwood …….

Just imagine, being asked whether you would be interested in a pile of copies of scores left over from the extensive collection of the legendary Christopher Hogwood (1941-2014), one of the British pioneers of the Early Music movement. This happened to harpsichordist Menno van Delft who, together with Artem Belogurov, one of his former Master students, worked through no less than twelve large boxes of historical material: a true voyage of discovery!


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791)
“Ein Stück für ein Orgelwerk in einer Uhr”, in f-klein/F-groot/f-klein, KV 594 (1790) Adagio – Allegro – Adagio 

Leopold Kozeluch (1747–1818) 
“Duo pour le Clavecin ou Piano-Forte” in Bes-groot, Opus 29 
Adagio – Allegro 
Rondeau (allegro) 

Hinrich Conrad Kreising (c1700–1770) 
Concerto in E-groot 
Allegro – Largo – Vivace 

Hugo Franz Reichsfreiherr von Kerpen (1749–1802) 
Adagio in Bes-groot uit “Une Sonate à quatre Mains pour Clavecin ou Piano-Forte”, Opus 4  

Johann Ludwig Stanzen (18de eeuw) 
“Sonate à 4 mains pour le Clavecin ou Piano-Forte” in C-groot, Op.2 Allegro moderato – Adagio

Gottfried Weber (1779–1839) 
“Sonata per Gravicembalo Solo” in C-groot, Opus 15 
Allegro di molto 

Johann Christoph Kellner (1736–1803) 
Fuga in G-groot voor vier handen  


Conrad Graf fortepiano Vienna, 1836
Flaes orgel 1873

Artem Belogurov

Artem Belogurov writes about Miscellanea:

“I’m very excited to announce that Miscellanea, a three-disc collection of keyboard music Menno van Delft and I recorded in the wonderful Kasteel Amerongen, is now out!

The music on this album comes from Christopher Hogwood’s collection of mostly unknown 18th- and early 19th-century pieces. Not all pieces are obscure, though. Mozart’s great Sonata in D Major for two keyboards, K. 448 is without a doubt the most familiar work on the album.

We used a harpsichord and a fortepiano for it and I have to confess it’s so much fun to have all these different sounds and colours combined!

All of the four instruments on this recording are historical: Kirckman harpsichord (1766), fortepiano by Zahler (1805), Kraemer clavichord (1803), and the Bätz house organ (1813). The harpsichord and the organ live in the castle.

I think this album is a good representation of both the music and the keyboard instruments one would hear between roughly 1750 and 1815. We tried to ignore as much as possible history’s decisions of who is to be considered a great composer and which instruments deserve to survive and flourish, and judged both the music and the instruments on their own merits. It was great to discover so much new old music and I hope there will be something to your liking too!”

Impression of the making of the CD at Castle Amerongen and soundbite

You can find the album here:  https://trptk.com/catalogue/miscellanea/ and on all major streaming platforms.
Price of this triple CD Box: €22,95

Review by Christo Lelie in Trouw:
Review of Miscellanea by Christo Lelie in Trouw, 26 November 2021: Micellanea is een fantastische tijdreis naar de achttiende eeuw op historische klavieren

Menno van Delft & Artem Belogurov


Miscellanea cover vierk

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Miscellanea cover vierk

Artem Belogurov, fortepiano

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Miscellanea cover vierk

Menno van Delft - orgel, klavecimbel, clavichord

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23 jan 2022, 16.45
Luther Museum, Amsterdam