Vinsent Planjer – percussion

Vincent Planjer – drums

Growing up in the Dutch town of Zwolle, I became interested in music in general and in drumming in particular at an early age, which resulted in joining the local marching band, Jubal, at age 8. A reasonably successful band, the group performed extensively in Holland and also did a number of tours in Germany and France. I also wrote some pieces for the band percussion book.
At the age of 14 I started taking lessons on the drum kit, which I continued throughout school and which led me to start my studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague. During my six years at this school I had the opportunity to meet and study with some great drummers. My main teacher throughout this time was Eric Ineke and regular guest teachers included Joe laBarbera, Jeff Hamilton,
Jamey Haddad, Cindy Blackman and Will Kennedy. Being part of the Conservatory Big Band I had the honor to perform at the North Sea Jazz Festival with Jim McNeely and Gerald Wilson.
Since graduation I’ve set out to become a household name in the Dutch jazz-scene, which has led me to perform at all the main jazz-venues and festivals in Holland, as well as a number of International tours to Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, France, Italy and Denmark.
I’ve also recently developed a career in Musical Theatre shows, taking part in a number of projects throughout Holland. One of the shows I most often perform in is a Theatre program for children, with an emphasis of the educational side.
Speaking of educational, I also have a flourishing Teaching Practice, Which is part of the extra-curricular program of the British School in the Netherlands, an international school near The Hague. About 30 students ages 11 to 18 have a weekly lesson there with me.
For this next season I have a lot of things on the program. Apart from the teaching and the Children’s theatre show, which are steady activities, I will continue to play in the main jazz-venues with my main jazz-group, the Rembrandt Frerichs Trio, including new CD recording, I will play and take part in the organization of a concert series with the newly formed The Hague Ethospheric Orchestra, which will feature the absolute pinnacle of Dutch jazz players. Also I will be part of a new Musical theatre play by the famous “Orkater” group. And finally, on the program for March 2011 is the recording of the first CD recording under my own name.


Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival 2014

On 11 October, Vinsent Planjer will perform as member of the Rembrandt Frerichs Trio, in the program ‘Fortepiano on World Tour’, with ‘The Contemporary Fortepiano’.